This is what the new Material You interface looks like on Android 12

The new Material You interface is rolling out to some Android 12 users. Here’s a quick tour of the app.

Gmail logo

The Gmail interface will glow. // Source: Frandroid

During Google I/O 2021, the giant Mountain View company revealed some new features Android 12, in particular the new design language for its interface. Goodbye material design, hello you material ! The interface is not only more modern with more rounded and sharp corners, but in addition to this, the customization of the system is much more advanced with many accent colors and it is likely that it will be automatically adapted from the background of the phone.

Posting on specific apps

Although Android 12 is still in beta at the moment, some apps have already started to be updated to adopt this new design code. At the end of July, that was for example Contacts app statusAnd now it’s Gmail’s turn, the most popular email client, to get a facelift.

Some users with access to the Android 12 beta have received a Gmail update with this new design. Unfortunately, that’s not the case on the Pixel phone which still keeps the old interface. As noted by the site XDA, some elements are also activated on the server side of the application since some can access the color palette created from the background, but not all.

However, the site shares some screenshots of these changes, as does journalist Artem Rosakovsky Android Police. What you should have is a good overview of this new topic.

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This new material you design does not revolutionize the appearance of the application. However, we notice better highlighting of the menu background and elements with more modern, rounded corners that are softer to the eye.

As a reminder, the stable release of Android 12 should arrive sometime in the fall, around the release of Pixel 6.

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