WhatsApp, Security System Violated: User data is at risk

WhatsApp has recently detected a serious vulnerability in the system, which could lead to important data leaks. Let’s see what the consequences will be

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Share Until the storm is back in the eye Data protection Sensitivity. This time, however, it is not a question of any new rule, but a problemCompany Found.

Basically, the Defense Research Institute Checkpoint research Detected vulnerability of a system Encryption from end to end. Apparently The Hacker Can catch Important information From memoryWhite-green application.

WhatsApp: How the security system breach happened

To stimulate Error If access is allowed, attackers will have to send a link with a specific malicious image that could be exposed Information User after using the filter. The latter once sent the photo backHacker Deliberately disabled Chat.

Positively, it seems that there is not enough time to get this information. WA In fact she knew the problem for a while and immediately stopped it.

The difficulty has already been resolved by the beginning of 2021 Check point research And reiterated Encryption from end to end It is safe, thanks to the monitoring work of related companies.

However, this is not enough to avoid this A fine of $ 267 million was imposed by the Irish Data Protection Authority. The motive for the permit is to violate the GDPR Privacy Terms.

Separate Amazon (which comes with attractive offers for September) In July 2021 it was fined more. $ 700 million, however, was opposed by the e-commerce company, As the team company did Facebook However.

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So, unfortunately an unfortunate situation WA There were no significant repercussions. However, you should never compromise your safety in these situations. The bad guys are always in the corner, ready to take advantage of the opportunity Confidential information Of the people.

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