This is why doctors want more emojis on mobile

Emojis have more uses than you might imagine.

Sometimes a picture is better than a thousand words and that’s why emojis were invented. In total, there are more than 1,700 emojis and while many of us use them to express our mood, the truth is that they can have many other uses as well.

That’s what Chauhan Ho, a doctor who believes emojis are a great communication tool and a great way to get along with his clients, thinks it. That’s why he and his team are calling for more emoji to be included in mobile phones.

Some doctors want more emojis on smartphones

Doctors can use emojis to communicate with their patients

So we read in The Verge. In recent years, emojis have helped doctors and nurses communicate with their clients.

Obviously, the average person does not have the same knowledge as a doctor. We patients do not know some words and concepts and sometimes explaining our pain is not easy. According to Chauhan Hee, many of his patients are already explaining their illnesses using emojis, especially those who are not fluent in English or cannot speak directly.

For all these health workers, the use of emojis in medicine is really interesting, so the more emojis there are, the easier it will be to communicate with all these people. Therefore, it is required to include emojis from organs such as stomach, liver, intestines and even medical instruments.

Basic medicine apps for doctors and patients

We can think of emojis as something not too serious, to describe a mood or to make jokes with our friends, but in the professional field they can have many interesting uses. For all of these reasons, when you’re wondering why the hell we want heart or gut emojis, think of all those doctors who would use them with their patients.

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