Here are some high quality artwork –

Update: Artwork created by fans, unofficial and, as initially announced, has nothing to do with it. We apologize for the misinformation. One of the works of art was taken by the artist John Tittlev, you can see his works here.

Original message:
First release by Absidian and Microsoft A work of art dedicated to Ava, First person action RPG PC and Xbox Series X | S These works of art do not say much about the game, they are natural, but they are definitely beautiful.

Two works of art depict two Large creatures. One is a kind of dragon that looks like a tree branch-style horn. It is unclear whether it was actually made of wood or remembered. The other creature is a kind of animal with a long horn and large ram horns. Considering the depth (use the man on the top of the rock on the left as a particular), this creature actually appears to be a mammoth. Will Ava focus on creatures of this size in the game?

Other Aw pictures show gods instead Places surrounded by nature. Either the fa அல்லதுade of the church or the cathedral, looks ruined and without the top. Was it an ancient ruin, or did one of the creatures seen in other pictures destroy the building? In the last picture we see what looks like a small apartment in the middle of the fog. We see another building in the center. It’s hard to draw great conclusions from these works of art, but they allow us to imagine what this new Apsidian game will look like.

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It also appears that Ava loses pieces. According to Chris Avelon, development is complex.

Veronica Tucker

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