This movie lets you see the magnets inside your tech gadgets

A piece of paper-like film that lets you see where magnets are on your tech devices is back this week. Interest in this stuff usually follows a Reddit post, so kudos to u/SnooWoofers455 for bringing this back up for 2022.

This is a video showing the movie:

This video was taken seven years ago, and Video shared on Reddit The movie shows magnetic field visualization more clearly, but RinstarOrg’s YouTube explanation is a great way to understand what’s going on.

Basically, magnetic field display film is a translucent green film that allows you to easily view magnetic fields and pole patterns on a magnet or magnetic array.

To see the magnetic material, all you have to do is place the film directly on the surface of the device and the paper will reveal everything.

Magnetic field display film is used to show the location and direction of magnetic fields. It is a transparent, thin, flexible sheet covered with a belly of microcapsules, which, as we learned from the YouTube video above, contain tiny flakes of nickel in the oil. When the chips are parallel, we see a spot of light, and when they are perpendicular, we see darkness. The chips change direction according to the magnetic force. Isn’t science wild?

There are a lot of great videos of people using the movie, go down the rabbit hole, this he is A cold and wet Monday night, after all.

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