This new feature, built on generative AI, will arrive thanks to Gemini.

Personalized radio based on your preferences and current mood, that's what YouTube Music plans to launch with Radio AI, a new feature that will be available soon. And with the integration of Gemini, Google intends to increasingly use artificial intelligence in its tools.

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Radio, in turn, is entering the era of artificial intelligence. According to 9to5GoogleYouTube Music is currently testing a new feature based on generative AI, another feature after the Gemini integration. This will allow each subscriber to create their own personal radio station. To do this, all you have to do is enter the prompt through which the app will generate the beginning of the playlist. The AI ​​​​Radio is still in the testing phase and only a very small number of users currently have access to it, but here is what we know about it at the moment.

New generation radio is coming

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Creating your own radio based on your music preferences will soon be possible with this new YouTube Music feature called AI Radio. The feature takes the form of a “music request” card that opens an AI chat where you can enter commands in text or voice. Jazz playlist? K-pop? All Imagine Dragons songs? Just ask, and the AI ​​creates a radio station named after the prompt as the playlist begins. AI Radio also offers suggested prompts, like “Surprise me!” for the most reluctant listeners.

The process is very similar to what some generative AI systems like Gemini already offer, with which it is already possible to generate covers for YouTube Music users’ playlists. AI Radio is very different from the playlist you create yourself, because it is the AI ​​that creates it, which represents a huge time saving. Instead of creating a list of dozens, or even hundreds, of titles yourself, and searching for them one by one, the AI ​​does it for us. This can also provide the opportunity to expand your horizons and discover new pieces thanks to the suggestion system.

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But some questions remain unanswered…

The project is attractive, it is an AI radio, but it is currently still in the testing phase. Only a few people have access to this new function and YouTube Music is providing information little by little. We only know that the algorithm still needs to be trained so that it can offer a good experience when it is deployed. But who will have access to it? Will a YouTube Premium subscription be required to benefit from it? Or will IA Radio be a paid option? It also remains to be seen when this update will be available.

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