This SMS was not sent by the operator, it is a SCAM!

Be careful, phishing alert! In fact, Free Mobile customers are being targeted by a new phishing campaign. Scammers seek to go through the French operator to obtain subscribers’ usernames and passwords.

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After a phishing attack on Amazon Prime customers, it’s Free Mobile subscribers’ turn to be targeted by a new scam. According to numerous testimonials posted on social networks, in particular on Twitter, many users have received A text message supposedly from the French operator, with the following message displayed:Free Mobile: After suspicious activity on your account, an agent attempted to make a connection. Introduce yourself at”

as you might expect, This email is a scam. The link that already has reviews on the file Fake login page faithfully reproduce the interface of the Free Mobile website (with some details). The goal here is to get you to log into your account to check the error. In fact, hackers will take advantage of this Retrieve the username and password entered in the writing areas.

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Free mobile scam
On the left, the fake login page created by hackers.

New scam targeting Free Mobile customers

This fake obviously has some flaws, like a slightly different font and an absent logo in the call button. Apart from these two details, one can easily be deceived by this fake page. We won’t remember enough The right reactions to adopt to avoid falling into this strange trap : Systematically check the sending address, the link address, and the consistency of the message without forgetting obvious spelling and grammatical errors.

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If you witness this type of fraud, you are at your disposal A free platform set up by the French authorities: the phishing initiative. Here, you can enter the fraudulent website address and add a comment to provide more details. “The Phishing Initiative service provides all Internet users with an opportunity to combat phishing attacks […] By contributing to this project, you reduce the impact of this cyber crime and prevent other Internet users from falling victim to fraud.” Summarize the platform.

As a reminder, CNIL recently issued a conviction on Free Mobile of paying a €300,000 fine, following several breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European data protection regulation.

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