This Space Day launched many themed tools (PHOTO)

this year ,Strange day It was a really special event because 2021 he is too 35th anniversary From Aliens – the final showdown By James Cameron, The sequel From the movie 1979 From Ridley Scott. As a tribute to the crew Solaco She celebrates her 35th birthday, boys Twentieth Century Studios They distribute a lot of Wonderful strange gadgets. There is everything from fashion, Ai Kids Games And of course a Funko Pop Really crazy.

Weta Produce un’action number xenomorfa It’s based on Alien, who conjures it up The attack on Newt in the LV-426 colony: Let’s say that His doll He has definitely seen better days. Weta also has one more Action figure xenomorfa In their line Small epics. And yes, this alien saliva is fake, don’t worry. There is, too Little Ripley and Johnny’s epics, The cat from the original movie, Sun. ReginaAnd one of the poor Kane attacked by his face. All are available in Pre-order on Entertainment Earth.

Moreover, prof Funko Pop It honors one of Alien’s most iconic scenes, a scene Ripley’s iconic yellow exoskeleton for work , Exclusive to GameStopLike, fantastic, very detailed Guerriero xenomorfo From Weta.

This Space Day launched many themed tools (PHOTO)

The A woman in black The strange aesthetic is revived in one Fashion line Incredibly stylish. over there Set maxi will con crop top xenomorph is $ 158.00. In range is a plus economic From the clothes inspired by aliens, we find A. Long-sleeved shirt From $ 34.00, one T-shirt USD $ 32.00 Hoodies At $ 54.00. Finally, the company also offers these Sunglasses Very cool In stile Giger At $ 118.00. All To order immediately On the site The Woman in Black.

This Space Day launched many themed tools (PHOTO)

But it doesn’t end there because either LootCrate brand new A strange capsule set limited edition Which pays tribute to the excellence. This includes one Pocket shirt Celebration of the face, prof Long-sleeved shirt From alien 3 and one Hoodies The original Ridley Scott movie logo design, shows everything Available on the LootCrate website.

This Space Day launched many themed tools (PHOTO)

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