Xbox Series X can play games on Steam and prove video

Steam games can be accessed from the Microsoft Xbox Series X. There are clearly some limitations to this. You have an Xbox Insider account. You have installed the latest version of Edge browser. Connect mouse and keyboard via bluetooth. And use a service other than GeForce Now. The result is encouraging.

Everyone agrees on that The future of video games is linked, at least in part, to live broadcasting. And this is not impossible. First, because video games are becoming more and more immaterial, so that players are not connected to the physical object. Then because networks (Optical fiber And the The fifth generation networkIt provides very fast speeds and less response time, providing almost as good experience as a game installed on a hard drive. Finally, because entertainment content consumption patterns (movies, series, music, games, books, comics) encourage the emergence of the subscription model. Like Netflix.

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The Xbox Series X, despite its power, in a few years (between 7 and 10 years) will have to face the fact that it no longer meets the technical requirements of a video game in the future. On the other hand, it will then be ready to jump straight into the world of streaming games. Microsoft is already preparing for this. Two signs show this. Firstly, xCloud will soon be compatible with Windows 10. The beta version has already started. Xbox primarily works on Windows. Then Xbox will soon take advantage of the new web browser which will assist with this transition.

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Xbox inherits Windows 10 Edge Chromium Browser

This new browser is the Chromium version of Edge. It came to Windows early last year. It has definitely replaced the previous version. It will be pushed by Microsoft on all Xbox Series Xs soon thanks to the same update that improves Quick Resume functionality. It is currently in beta. Xbox Insider Program Alpha members can test it now. And with a little bit of decorating on the cake, this browser is compatible with office accessories, such as A keyboard and mouse. What makes Xbox a mini workstation (with Office Online).

Tom Warren, celebrity journalist from the edgePart of the Xbox Insider Program. So he was able to play around with the new browser and test compatibility with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. He even went above and beyond because he tried it Play Steam games directly from Xbox Series X. There is clearly no link to access Steam from the console. Even Nvidia’s GeForce Now service doesn’t support Chromium on Xbox.

Stream PC screen is required to play Steam on Xbox Series X.

So the journalist used an app called Parsec, Which allows access to a computer from a web browser. The application streams the content of the remote computer screen. From that computer (which is his device), launch Steam. He played it on his console. This solution is clearly not applicable. Nor is it intuitive (or easy to use). But the result is rather interesting. Note that it’s also played by Stadia, since Google’s streaming game service is Chromium-compatible. This is actually faster to use. Find below the video he created to illustrate this technical test.

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