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Today is February 2, 2021. This brings you the volume of daily news on Mordecai, host, Elton Ring. There is no news today in the Elton Ring. That’s it for your daily Elton Ring update“You can expect this from every video that is released canale YouTube “Eldon Ring News”. This is a channel dedicated to the news of the software game: it’s a pity that there is really no news. Despite this, day by day it has never given up since YouTube announced it, it is now one 232 daily updates.

Thanks to VG247 for interviewing Mordecai. The idea of ​​a channel dedicated to the Elton Ring is precise Every ad counts day by day Novelty. Inspiration came from harm time, which similarly counts the days waiting for the half-life 3 announcement (and at this point has reached 1176 daily updates).

Apparently, every video dedicated to the Elton Ring does not go beyond about twenty seconds and there is no information because there is nothing. Although “useless”, the channel received it Nearly 30,000 subscribers. Mordecai also explains that he adores Vice Reddit, who is dedicated to the Elton Ring, which, in the absence of news, does nothing but find a fake story and create memes.

From Software, in recent years, has always aimed at releasing one masterpiece after another, from bloodline to sequo. The Elton Ring immediately seemed like a substantial project and a new turning point in the souls-like genre.

The Elton Ring YouTube channel simply wants, Mordecai explains, to be fun and show that everyone is eagerly waiting for this game. At one point, Mordecai hoped that at some point he could create an actual video dedicated to the news of the game. We now know that Elton Ring will not be attending the Taipei Game Show 2021.

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