Thomas Pesquet shares an amazing 50 kilometers by 100 kilometers photo


Particularly large photo taken at an altitude of 400 km.

It’s a breathtaking picture. As French astronaut Thomas Pesquet prepares to join the International Space Station again, he does not hesitate to post his old photos on social networks taken during his maiden flight in 2016-2017. During his stay, the French loved to share his photos in order to make millions of people dream, while at the same time showing the fragility of our land. Especially remember the picture showing Belgium so clearly with its highways illuminated at night.

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This time, Thomas Pescet posted on Facebook an amazing photo of the Green River (in Utah, USA). It took at least ten photos to reproduce the entire river, which we discover here like veins. ” It’s complicated, a bit like a life-size puzzle (thanks to NASA specialists who did all the work), but the result is an image of 50 km by 100 km, where you can zoom in as much as possible. », Explains the astronaut in the legend.

The image is available in high definition on the European Space Agency. The European Space Agency determines that the International Space Station will fly at an altitude of about 400 km, and that is So Thomas used the longest lens available on the board: 1,150 mm.. An amazing result that shows once again the beauty of our land.

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