Whatsapp: How to move to a new cell phone

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The transfer from Whatsapp to a new device is done quickly. We show how to do that.

For most users, this happens every few years: the switch to a new smartphone. One of the first steps on the new device is to download the most important applications via the device’s application platform. For many, the first thing that they do is the new Whatsapp installation.

If you are using the same number on the new device as before, then you should now switch from your old smartphone, because WhatsApp (still) only allows one active device at a time. Below, we’ll show you how to switch to your new smartphone in just a few steps.

Transfer Whatsapp to a new cell phone: Here’s how

The step begins with downloading the application to the new smartphone. So the first thing to do is download Whatsapp via file Google Play Store Or the Apple App Store Under.

Then open the app on the new phone. Now Whatsapp will tell you that there is no account currently active on this device and it will ask for your cell phone number. Enter this in the field provided and confirm it.

Set up Whatsapp on the new device

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Only a few steps are required to use Whatsapp on your new device.

Whatsapp will now send an activation code via SMS to the specified number. If your SIM card is still in the old device, wait there for the SMS to arrive then enter the code on your new smartphone. If you have already inserted your SIM card into the new smartphone, Whatsapp will automatically recognize the code when an SMS arrives and enter it in the corresponding window.

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Now all you have to do is to enter the username you want to use Whatsapp under. You can either accept your previous username or change to a new one.

Coming soon: Connect multiple devices with Whatsapp

In the future, this kind of cumbersome Whatsapp step will probably not be necessary. Because in the beta version of the app, Whatsapp has added a new functionality that connects up to four devices with one account.

The connected devices will then be controlled via messaging software settings. When the function appears, the change to a new device will likely continue in such a way that users add the new smartphone to the associated devices and then remove the old device.

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