Three board games to discover with family or friends

For the second year in a row, L’Éclaireur Progrès spoke with École du jeu, a YouTube channel that specializes in showcasing board games led by Jean-Philippe Duyon, of Notre Dame de Pins, and Sylvain Lacroix, of Quebec.

The latter has chosen three matches to attract a wide range of players, from beginners to more experienced and from junior to senior. The first on the list is 7 Wonders of the World: Architects. First of all, it is important to specify that this is not an expansion of 7 wonders, but it’s a complete game.

Two to seven people can play at the same time. The game takes about 15 to 20 minutes. “It’s an easily accessible game, even if one rarely plays a board game. The equipment is second to none and the installation is simple. It’s a great starting point for leisure,” says Lacroix.

Each player will have to build wonders by drawing cards on which we find resources. Once the wonders are complete, the game is over. Points will then be accumulated to determine the winner. The game also includes military cards and tech cards that will provide rewards to the player who owns them.

Even clover!

Even clover! It is a team game that can be played by up to six people. In front of each person will be a plate shaped like a clover. At the beginning of the game, players will randomly place four small cards. These have four words written on them.

Participants will then have to make associations between the two words read on each of the four clover leaves and write one describing each. Then take out the four cards and add five from the box. Other players will have to try to rebuild your game board by placing the cards in the right place.

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“It’s my party game of the year. I’ve always enjoyed playing it. There is no pressure or competition. There is a points system, but I suggest playing just for fun. Game lovers say, ‘You can continue the game for as long as you want.'”


The third and final game suggested by Mr. Lacroix is ​​called dinoplivion. This is a Quebec game created by Goblivion Games. It can be played alone or in pairs. Really enjoyed it. It’s a deck building game [une mécanique de jeu qui consiste à développer son paquet de cartes au fur et à mesure que la partie avance] In which we will have to link the decks of cards to defeat the dinosaurs. The game is played against each other, but the participants do not attack each other directly,” explains Sylvain Lacroix.

To know in detail how to play these games or discover others, you can visit our YouTube channel play school.

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