Three free packages at reduced prices on the Orange network!

SOSH 80GB Limited Series at €9.99 per month: the best compromise

Let us begin immediately with the intermediate view; One with 80GB of data. Thanks to this lovely envelope, you have enough to answer your internet connection questions for each month. The 80GB can be used on Orange's 4G network in mainland France, with the historical operator's excellent quality and good network coverage.

In addition, even after the allotted envelope is exhausted, you can maintain low-speed Internet access until the end of the month.

Like any good mobile plan, this one also includes unlimited calling, SMS and MMS from mainland France to landlines and mobiles in all French mainland and overseas networks.

And that's not all! If you plan to travel to French Overseas Territories or Europe for holidays, you can use your package once there, with:

  • 20 GB of data per month,
  • Calls, SMS and MMS from the European Union and French Overseas Territories to these same territories and to mainland France.

SOSH 10GB Limited Series at €6.99 per month: for moderate users

If you're less data-hungry, for less than €7 per month, the SOSH operator offers you a 10GB per month plan that can be used in both mainland France and Europe (excluding Switzerland and Andorra) and in the DOMs. Here too, the web envelope is provided at a lower speed until the end of the month.

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS are also available, both from mainland France and from external administrations and other EU countries. A good way to stay in touch with your loved ones without spending a lot of money.

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SOSH 130GB Limited Series at €12.99 per month: for data lovers

Finally, for those who want to stay connected all day long and take advantage of the summer to stream or game at full speed, SOSH offers the plan with 130GB of data per month. The principle is the same as in the previous two offerings, with the ability to stay connected at low speed once the envelope is exhausted.

Unlimited phone calls (calls, SMS and MMS) are also available in France (mainland and overseas territories) and from Europe. For your stay in the European Union or French Overseas Territories, 20 GB is offered each month.

So ! All you have to do is make your choice and sign up now. Remember that all these packages are without obligation, you can easily finally Subscribe to these different offers while keeping your mobile numberwithout any hassle.

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