Tigers will never completely disappear from France 2

INFO LE FIGARO – France 2 production by Olivier Minne had four statues of tigers installed in the treasure room.

For a few weeks, all of the “Fort Boyard” teams reinvested the naval fortress to film Season 33. Well, not everyone. For the first time since the creation of France 2, the Tigers have not made a trip to Charente-Maritime. In fact, two years after deciding not to replace one of the three retired breeds, Adventure Line Productions announced that they would be completely removed from the show. “ALP and France Télévisions will dedicate until the end of their lives, an amount that will allow them to continue to receive all necessary care and to end their lives while respecting the dignity of the animal that is so dear to us”the production company identified in a press release published on February 24.

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Small earthquake in the French audiovisual scene. For good reason the tiger is the emblem of the “Fort Boyard” and has been around since the beginning of the game, but the cunning is not going to completely disappear. “The spirit of the tiger will always be with us. It is and will always be the symbol of the show.Artistic Producer Guillaume Ramen assured us. To do this, four statues of tigers now sit proudly in the treasure room where celebrities will always collect famous pieces for the benefit of an association. The true guardian of Father Fouras’ treasure, Félindra will always be present in the game and will continue to flip the head of the token golden tiger to validate the candidate’s code word.

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Tiger statues in the treasure room “Fort Boyard. Instagram Editing Perrine Laffont – Emilie Paul

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However, this should not be the only depiction of tigers. While filming new episodes is in full swing, production is still considering a way to incorporate the cats into “Fort Boyard.” “We’re working on different solutions, running a lot of tests, and haven’t decided what exactly we’ll do with the show.”, confirms Guillaume Ramen. When asked if it could be in computer graphics, the art producer answered: “It’s one possibility among others like reworked archive photos but nothing has been determined yet.”. In any case, tigers will always be around.

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