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Right in the middle of the gutter where rainwater flows, a virtual reality headset over his eyes and a 4-kilogram “backpack” on his back, the traveler arrives in Paris on the twelfthAnd A horn in a dark alley. Taken on board by a guiding guardian angel companion, the visitor will forget in an instant that in a white room of 500 square meters to go and rub shoulders with 800 years of history and all the secrets of Notre Dame Cathedral.

After the fire, on April 15 and 16, 2019, Orange and Amaclio Productions, which has already produced 24 mostly historical shows in eight cities and amassed two million visitors, commissioned the leading company with immersive virtual reality experiences founded by Fabian Barati, Emissive, artistic director, screenwriter and director. Bruno Celer put … in virtual reality this wonderful journey through the ages and communication with the craftsmen who have always known how to ascend the building, all under the supervision of the public institution responsible for the maintenance and restoration of the cathedral, the Archdiocese of Paris and the city of Paris.

If the Middle Ages were well suited to video game development, then this 45 minutes of immersive experience that required two years of development for 25 experts was overseen by the Director of the Restoration Site and Chief Architect for Archeology, Remy Froment, Professor of Art History and a specialist in Gothic architecture at the Sorbonne, Dani Sandron, and art history doctor Christina D’Agaleta, for making every moment totally believable.

Visitors who are allergic to vertigo should refrain from this

The visitor, who is over 11, not very old and not dizzy, is in turn escorted inside, by the facades to watch the companions of duty literally bring their ‘cuts into the building’, at its top, under the roofs in the same place where it would have been possible To catch fire, making it possible to gauge the complexity of the task that awaited the firefighters that evening, under the stunned eyes of the planet.

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Each of the fifty visitors who were admitted at the same time becomes in the experience a kind of angel with two “halos”, one on the head and one on the back, which have nothing mysterious about them: these are places where he is subjected to technological shocks to be avoided.

Meetings with historical figures, including architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, will give another dimension to future visits to the restored cathedral.

Equipped with a VR headset and a backpack, visitors enter a “white” room where they are transported directly back 800 years.

(Photo: Modern House)

Because the exhibition should run until 2024, at La Conciergerie in Paris in the spring, then under Notre Dame in the fall.

Orange, which has put its engineers at the service of the Fondation du Patrimoine since the fire, will donate 30% of the proceeds to the foundation and the public foundation and the experiment should extend, as of September, in a virtual application. Realistic blinds for 10-14 euros, which will allow those who cannot go to the French capital to benefit from the experience in similar conditions, assures the operator.

In front of Notre Dame, the operator also used Snapchat’s Landmarker to survey the cathedral and follow the main stages of its construction… The 5G experience (of course) has a lot more meaning than the 4G experience.

Information and reservations (highly recommended) are available at this address

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