TikTok: Accounts of all people under the age of 16 are private

DrThe international video portal TikTok continues to enjoy great popularity. In November 2020, it was the social media platform 37.81 million active users Including many minors. Children and teens, for example, often use the video portal to sync well-known songs. To do that, they dance around then upload the clip so far, and that was fine for Bytedance. But that is changing now: The Chinese developer has one The media According to measures taken to improve protection for younger users from now on. Among other things, officials have assigned privacy profiles to everyone under the age of 16.

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TikTok: measures to protect minors

TikTok has taken various measures: From now on, only confirmed followers of U16 accounts have the opportunity to comment on minors’ content. In addition, strangers can no longer download contributions. Children between the ages of 13 and 15 should be able to determine who is seeing the content. However, this has the drawback that TikTok no longer recommends accounts to other users. Children between the ages of 16 and 17 have the option to cancel the restrictions. Users of legal age can no longer “duet” with accounts under the age of 16. Two users sync and record a video together. It remains to be seen how minors evaluate measures that only protect them.

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