Jean-Michel Aulas tries to calm things down with Canal +

After this announcement

In recent months and announcements of non-payment of deadlines MediaProAnd thus the future close of The channel is damagedThe question of TV rights for Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 is on everyone’s lips. Because with the lack of cash, French football is in severe financial distress and many clubs in France are suffering. Specifically, on Tuesday evening, the head of the channel group, Maxim Saadeh, requested a new call for bids, while he retracted some of the outlines: “We do not forget either the matches were postponed by the LFP without consulting while the” yellow jackets “were moving, nor the additional funds required to delay the start of the Sunday evening match by fifteen minutes or even less. Many presidents are happy when Channel + returned empty-handed from the 2018 call for tenders. .

So inevitably, during the press conference given by Islam Soleimani on Wednesday, Olympic President Lyon Jean-Michel Aulas had the right to pose questions on the topic of TV rights. Of course we are trying to adapt to the situation which is doubly difficult in France. At the league level, we made the worst mistakes by stopping the tournament (last season, note). We chose Mediapro at the time when we should have had additional guarantees. We all find ourselves in a difficult situation. We are doing well in OL and have prioritized retaining a high-profile striker to continue our great adventure. ”, The first to announce the President of the Gones.

It was not directed at all against the channel. But I realized there was frustration on the channel side. ”

But the questions soon veered off Maxime Saada and Canal +. And the JMA took the appeasement card: “The day we negotiated with Mediapro and the league, I had an unfortunate formula saying that it was a blessed day for French football. It was not directed at all against the channel. But I understood there was frustration on the part of the channel. Were they right too early because Mediapro It failed to fulfill its obligations? I think we are dealing today with a number of very big clubs in France … We cannot say that the French championship has decreased. “

In the process, Jean-Michel Aulas spoke about the future as well Be in sports. Perhaps there were mistakes on the part of the leaders, in which case they would be prosecuted. We need to find solutions with Canal and those who love French football so that TV rights can return to their core values. We will be thinking about solutions and I know there are some solutions that will allow French football to be of the highest standard. (…) We have to find the right solution so that no one is lost in the change. I have absolute confidence in Bain and Nasser (Al-Khulaifi). Thanks to everyone who will help us, including Kanal who, I repeat, played an essential role in developing football in France. ”Lyon president concluded on the matter, apparently eager to play the appeasement while hoping to save the furniture.

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