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Google is warning its community that Google Play Music will be gone in a few weeks. There is still time to transfer your data to YouTube Music or bring it back to your computer.

Are you using Google Play Music? Note that on February 24, 2021, the service will permanently close its doors: all data on that date will then be deleted, including the files in your music library. You now have less than three weeks to decide what you want to do: back up your files to a computer or transfer them to YouTube Music.

Google Play Music
Email that we received in the editorial office.

Backup or transfer your data

If this shutdown affects you, you must have received a notification from Google – we did. In it, the American company states that data backup goes through its service Google Takeout. You must then choose the data you want to recover (by default, everything is checked) and the conditions under which you want to recover it.

Another solution: switch your library and Google Play Music data About YouTube Music. Once you select the appropriate account, just start converting. Note that the process can take up to 24 hours once started. In other words, it’s best to start relatively early and not wait until the last minute. Google says it will send a notification when the process is complete.

YouTube Music is a service that originated in 2015, but actually took off in 2018. However, the arrival of this new music streaming service raised the question of what would happen to Google Play Music, which was already occupying that place. Three years later, Mountain View has finally reached a decision: Google Play Music, which is no longer a replica, has been closed.

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