Tips and tricks if your AirPods don’t fit in your ear

They are spearhead An apple to listen to Music High level, despite the sound quality, the AirPods May be particularly unsuitable for some formats So. It is therefore necessary to determine the best way to make it comfortable also during the hours in which it is used. If on the move AirPods come out of the ears, do not enter correctly or turn into a real nightmare in the implementationsports activityThere are several methods you can try before giving up entirely on the idea of ​​being able to make these little wearables yourself. What are the best opportunities? Let’s find out together.

AirPods in place with hooks

use the AirPods Some consider exercise an unfortunate choice, since in some cases it happens to see them slip out of the ears and fall relentlessly to the ground. Sometimes limited gestures are enough to achieve the same result, so it is important to select the appropriate treatment Problem. That’s why I hook To be applied directly to the two headphones becomes useful supports So sports. with realization in silicone Semi-rigid materials or other materials that adapt well to leather, into two distinct types of macros the design. The first is the smallest which, with its structure, increases the The dimension Single AirPod, making it thicker inside the wing; As she prefersisolation Even in harsh conditions. The second, differently, is physically attached to the ear, putting everything on About currently; Less isolated, due to the formation, it belongs to the category that stands out More Although with some flaws on the part sound.

Each has its advantages and weaknesses, but by trying both, you can easily determine which one is more fun to wear.

Compared to other methodologies, these can be convenient in terms of safety But certainly less useful when thinking about the question Shipping. In order to be inserted and thus loaded into an overnight stay Issue Originally, it is necessary to remove the hooks from the AirPods and store them separately in suitable containers that take up space, especially when you are away from home; Added to this is an increased risk of inadvertently losing or breaking them in repeating gestures over time.

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Among the proposals for the most popular in-ear hooks are EarBuddyz 2.0 from EarBuddyzMade of premium silicone, it is insulated from the environment and installed or removed for charging with simple, small movements. Then there is a version Moko: Comes in four pairs of specimens, always made of soft silicone and available in different colors, With Aletta This creates the right amplitude to be placed in the ear canal. These are from icarer, on the contrary, hmm External hooks Soft and resistant, still silicone, suitable for both AirPods 1, 2 and Pro; Malleable material for improved fit, Gross washable Cleansing after physical activity. Another suggestion is provided by Elago Which, with build-in Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), designed to perfectly enclose the ear, avoiding discomfort and discomfort; Then, the slot at the end allows you to attach a file magnetic belt To unite them and avoid losing them.

AirPods: Use grip pads

airpodsWhen Airpods don’t fit in the ear, either because they’re too big or too small, all that’s left is to use an appropriately sized pad. Offered in three sizes already In the box at the time of purchase, often proves to be the right trick to ensure safer use without the risk of losing or dropping the headset, with the ultimate damage unknown. If you don’t have it, don’t worry: there’s an opportunity to buy more at major physical or digital stores.

The models most able to make it easier to use are the variants produced in soft memory foam, which is dense foam In polyurethane, which is found in sleeping products such as mattresses and pillows due to its properties. The production material is able to modify itself under pressure or mold itself through body temperature, after which it resumes its original form within a few moments; This way, once inserted, the cushions fit the shape of the ear perfectly.

It is enough to insert it into the compartment intended for amplification, following the instructions on the package. With our variable sizes, it’s easy to find the size that fits your needs.

As in the previous case, choose File Measurement It becomes a basic fit, especially with regard toSoundproof Day Noise: Only the right commitment can actually cancel out all sounds coming from the surrounding environment. For this, in addition to comfort, these details must be taken into account; If they go out or if the AirPods don’t get in, it’s necessary to change the format or even the solution. bearings TX-500 from Compliance It is able to block out any noise and slip in the ear and reduce the occurrence of any irritation due to prolonged use; Stable and three sizes, it adapts thanks to memory foam and body temperature. These are from new beeAnd In three different sizes, they can be washed (obviously by separating them from the AirPods) to always have clean, practical supports.

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