Xbox Series X | S or the Bridge of Spirits on the Nintendo Switch? We’ll talk about that later –

Kana: The Bridge of the Spirit It was released on PS5, PS4 and PC but we know nothing about the possible arrival Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One or Nintendo SwitchHowever, the Ember Labs team does not rule out the possibility, only says it wants to Talk only later.

Interview with Segment Next, The Josh Grier, co-founder of Ember Labs, The exclusive deal with the PlayStation and Epic Games Store has been confirmed to have a temporary nature, with the expiration date of the Bridge of Spirits coming to other platforms such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch or Steam.

The exact time or reference sites are not specified, but the question remains open: “We are currently focusing on the launch for the PlayStation and Epic Games Store.Temporary exclusive“We’ll think about other sites after the launch and the rest period,” the developer explained.

It is still too early to think about the next steps to be taken in other directions, and then the co-founder of Ember Labs reiterated that only a few days have passed since it was released.

Kana: Bridge of Spirits, a scene from the game

However, as a small group, it may take some time to board other sites, so we do not know When Kana: Bridge of Spirits may come in other consoles.

For now, we mention to you a review of Kana: Bridge of Spirits, while the developers have indicated that new content and features may come in the future.

Veronica Tucker

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