Tips for Hobbyist Chefs: Luck Out of the Pan: This is the perfect way to steak

Tender and airy bread: Delicious schnitzels can turn a bad day into a good day. A few manual tricks are essential for the bait. A cell phone can also help.

It should be crunchy, bland, and fluffy: For many people there is no better idea than a schnitzel with potato salad or french fries when they are hungry. A few tricks can be used to make a truly perfect Schnitzel.

Tip 1: Make your own breadcrumbs

If you like it crunchy, it is best to cut two light-colored dry rolls and place them in a freezer bag. They were beaten in the skillet and then finely chopped using a rolling pin, “Lecker” magazine (March 2021 issue) explains

Tip 2: Pat thin

Only an evenly thin slice becomes a thin slice. The ideal thickness is five millimeters. The trick: place the smartphone next to the meat – the meat should be a little thinner than the height of the mobile phone.

Tip 3: Stay relaxed

When baking, do not press too hard on the Schnitzel. Rusk should be placed loosely around the meat to keep it tender and airy.

Tip 4: Get started quickly

It is better to fry the Schnitzel immediately after baking – otherwise the bread will be moist and sticky.

Fifth tip: Better fats

According to the experts, the taste experience is better with clarified butter. You can tell if it is hot enough by using the stick test: Once the wooden stick is fixed in the fat, small bubbles should appear on it.

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