Tips for recharging and maintaining your smartphone battery

Today, you cannot go two days without recharging the battery of your smartphone. An issue that has become crucial for manufacturers, here are 5 essential tips for properly charging and maintaining your cell phone battery.

for good Recharge your smartphone battery, The first thing that should ideally be done is to use the power supply that comes with the cell phone. The manufacturer must first provide one that is not mandatory and some like Apple or Samsung no longer systematically provide the basic accessory for charging due to environmental reasons to renew the product. These blocks (supplied) are tested by manufacturers and therefore comply with the safety standards required by the relevant authorities in this field. If you have to buy a retail power supply, go for well-known brands even if they are more expensive than others, as it would be a shame to burn your battery and render your device unusable for a few dollars or even a few pennies. .

When using for the first time, no need to rush to the charger

The first instinct when you completely discharge your new smartphone can be to plug it in so that it can be fully charged. Now, this is wrong. In fact, a mobile phone usually has to have a minimum amount of resources to use it right away and this is where its battery offers the best performance. Going through the charging box right away is frustrating at first because you want to use the cell phone ASAP, but it’s no use. On the contrary, there is a risk of damage to the battery by charging it to 100% from its first use.

It is better to charge several times

Contrary to what one might think, we can estimate that the ideal state of battery charge is between 20% and 80%. Cells are more resistant both below and above these thresholds. Hence, there may be more heating than usual at these levels which is not good for the battery at all. Moreover, It is preferable to recharge your smartphone battery from time to time (several times) in a day instead of relying on a full discharge and a full overnight recharge, for example. Charging your battery twice more than once will triple its life span.

Unplug 100% ASAP

In theory, if you leave your smartphone plugged in when the charge reaches 100%, the battery may overheat even if almost all devices are equipped with a protection system that prevents this overheating and cuts off the power. Recharge, if necessary. risk reduction and Try disconnecting your device once you reach 100%, although this is not the final threshold. The battery can be recharged fast enough up to 95-99% and then take another 10 minutes to reach 100%.

Avoid using your device while charging

When you need to charge your smartphone, As much as possible avoid using your device during this process. In fact, here too, this can cause a slight increase in the temperature of the phone in general, due to the heat caused by the charging itself, you add component components and especially the processor which sometimes contributes to the temperature of the phone increasing very quickly. Hardware – the internal components that are never very good. If you have to (for professional reasons, for example), try to limit the actions you have to take.

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