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At EnduroGP's Italian venue in Betola, TM Moto presented the new TM Red Dream Edition Enduro to celebrate the 1985 bike.

June 22, 2024

TheDuring the Italian stage of the EnduroGP in Betola (PC), TM MOTO presented the new TM Red Dream Edition Enduro at its facility in the paddock.. The Motocross editions will be unveiled at the Italian Prestige Championship race at Ponte a Egola on Saturday 22 June. SMR versions will be delivered next week.

For this new limited edition TM was inspired in the 1980s when a man with big ambition brought a dream to life. Still living today makes you dream. TM goes back to when we were kids, in the wonderful 80s, dreaming up, designing and building motorbikes. That “guy” Gaston Serafini raced through Milano in Pesaro on his TM motorcycle.

TM continues to be a focal point in the world of enduro, cross and motorized motorbikes: the Red Dream Editions feature red plastic, blue saddles and exclusive graphics. Those who want to take TM back to the 1985 years of TM's first successes nationally and internationally.
The bikes are fitted with traditional blue wheels that match and accentuate the new livery Blue anodized parts enhance its beauty and differentiate it from various enduro motocross and SMR models..

Red Dream Editions are available for all models in the Enduro, Motocross and SMR categories The number displayed on the steering head. You can still buy the red plastic separately, but in this case it won't be a true limited edition (news for collectors). Motorbikes are available for delivery Starting from July.

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Video by Andrea Perfetti

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