Tokyo Diary 2020, Quarantine is over: You finally begin to breathe Olympic air | News

All confirm. Tokyo naked. The perspective from the hotel room is also fully reflected when walking in the city streets At the end of the quarantine. no banner, No reference to the Olympics. The colors of Tokyo2020 only light up when you approach the typographic center behind the Rainbow Bridge. In short, 80% of citizens are against these games is quite obvious. Abandoned the center, and finally approached the competition venues You begin to breathe Olympic air. Babel Languages, a mixture of Italian from colleagues from other newspapers, evokes the atmosphere of major events.

Finally, there are also some rare employees who can speak English well to make sure of it a lot Required Coupons which the organization makes available to all journalists to commute by taxi, especially in the first 14 days when the use of public transport is prohibited. Certainly less chaotic than expected, at least for the time being, Tokyo is distinguished by its tradition, but also out of courtesy towards foreign guests which are rarely found around the world. Surely there will be a way in the coming days to see, perhaps even just from a car window, to enjoy some of the most iconic places not the latest generation of skyscrapers. For now, there’s no mention of mask separation, which should be worn in any environment, but rather a call for hand sanitizing at every counter. Olympics that promise to be stingy also in hardware يتعلق. In the huge stand where the world press gathers, there’s only a small shop with a few attractions and a few vending machines – yes, just like buying a drink – but it’s already sold out. Practically speaking, to buy the classic breakfast cup, it’s best to come back again. Japanese television, which has been taped for the next three weeks, is almost entirely devoted to talk shows in the style of Mai dire Banzai. Surreal tests that make the audience happy And that mockery of the participants, not at all embarrassed, but already proud of their public interest. At least waiting for the major channels to dedicate themselves to the event that the whole world – including Japan – is looking forward to experiencing.

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