Vaccine managers are introduced in Milan: where they are

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21 July 2021 07:00

This is the debut day Camper Vaccinated in Milan. Starting today, Wednesday, July 21st, there will be anti-covalent serum mechanisms for cities over the age of 60 that have not yet registered life-saving puncture (there are 78,000 people over the age of 60 in Milan alone).

The first two mobile vaccination centers were set up within Townhall 4, and in detail via Don Carlo San Martino and Monbiani. Physicians and nurses will be vaccinated with a single dose of serum Johnson & Johnson 9 to 17, and will be shown with a health card to join the campaign (no reservation required).

Camps with vaccines, where and when

The vaccination calendar with date, townhall and reference centers is:

July 21, Townhall 4

  • “Aquabella”, Don Carlo S. Via Martino 10
  • “Massini”, via Mombiani 5

July 22, Townhall 3

  • “Memories”, via Boskovich42
  • “Smile”, via Crescenzko 56

23 July, Townhall5

  • “Meeting 15”, via de Andre 9
  • “Cascina Roncetino”, via Saponaro34

24 July, Townhall 9

  • “Villa Taverna”, via Privio 4
  • “Casina Anna”, s. Via Arnoldo17

July 26, Townhall 7

  • “Carlo Boma Association”, c. Via Mario18
  • “In Monastero”, a. Via Da Bagio 54

July 28, Townhall6

  • “Spaceship”, via Buffalo 116
  • “Seniors 3rd Age”, via De Narcissus 3

July 29, Townhall8

  • “Altini”, via Altini72
  • “Pascarella”, via Satta 23

July 30, Townhall 2

  • “Villa Finci”, via Sand Erlembaldo4
  • “Cascina S. Pavlo”, via Trasimeno 41

July 31, Townhall 1

  • “Game – Minor Collection Center”, C.S. de Porta Vigentina15

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