Tomb Raider gira su Game Boy Advance grazie a OpenLara –

You never expect to see the former Tomb Rider Run Game Boy Advance? The open source project made this possible Openlara, Its flexibility allows you to change the core design title for any system.

Modder XProger was at work, as you can see, uploaded a video to show the game on real hardware on YouTube, and the video quickly went viral when no one thought such a thing was possible. In fact, GBA’s hardware has never been better with 3D, and the Tomb Raider does not have enough bullets.

However XProger has been successful at the company. Sure, the framerate is not very solid, but it’s not a bar, because we still face a half miracle. Moder has been working on the GBA version of Tomb Raider for over a year. At first he did not even believe it was possible to win, but he still wanted to prove himself.

Tomb Raider for GBA is still available Alpha version And covers only the first three stages of the adventure. However, as explained in one, XProger wants to make further improvements as a whole Old portable console fan forum, Eventually manages to fit the entire game into the 32MB cartridge.

OpenLara was used for other ports of Tomb Raider, and now runs on Xbox (first), 3DO, iPhone and Nintendo 3DS.

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