TousAntiCovid Verif validates passes very quickly in a given configuration

While on Thursday August 5 the Constitutional Council is set to issue a decision on extending the health permit to restaurants and certain transports, IN Groupe (formerly the National Printing Office) has finally issued code source from the app TousAntiCovid Verif It is used by professionals to clear permits. This code, available only partially, has been analyzed by the developer Jelbsgilps, note several anomalies.

The main problem is that if we switch our Android phone to English (the one used to validate the card, not the one that presents the card), then the app will consider all QR codes valid. Malfunction we were able to check:

On the left, the Android smartphone configured in French indicates that the card is invalid. On the right, the English-configured smartphone indicates that the same card is valid.

This is a serious development error that could lead to problems this holiday season. Thus, tourism professionals with an Android device configured in English will get the green light for all QR codes, even invalid ones, until the issue is resolved. In the iOS version of TousAntiCovid, this problem does not exist because the implementation is different.

gilbsgilbs also criticizes source code licensing which is proprietary and binding. This prohibits forking (alternative versions based on the same code) and redistribution of sources. Switzerland has a similar app which is completely open sourceHe believes that France should be able to do the same and not play it safe in the dark. Recently, IN Groupe added end-to-end encryption to transfer certificates passing through American Akamai servers. Orange should be close take over.

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