TEST Stride: Does Mirror’s Edge Offer VR the Same Feelings?

Virtual reality lends itself to all kinds of sports. We know table tennis, boxing, or even climbing, but did you know parkour ? It is a sports and acrobatic discipline that consists in effectively crossing obstacles in urban areas or in the middle of nature. This sport is played without equipment by “trackers”, who can count only on their strength, dexterity and agility. Just like in the real world, this production leads us to defy gravity by physically engaging ourselves. The title looks like mirror edge. But is this really the case?

In Stride, get the adrenaline pumping, fight, surface, and move with ease with Yamakasi.

a step He offers us city roofs and huge concrete blocks as a playground. The plotter we are must face the great void, be skillful and act fast. We roam the tops of buildings clad in air conditioning, ventilation ducts, scaffolding and other cornices at full speed. Look for action and enemies to face both pistols and bare hands. discipline parkour He present to us Nice feeling of freedom By mixing adrenaline and circuit races. we’re sequencing Stages of jumps between buildings, slides, sliding lines or grappling hooks Phone Spider Man. Every jump can be punitive, so we must measure every action, for the void is under our feet and the fall is brutal. Also, some acrobatic crossings require a lot of momentum, to land in suspension, climb gravity or even outpace gravity by running against walls. In short, once the tutorial is at hand, The only limits will be your reactions, your ingenuity, your stomach and simply your imagination to achieve various goals.

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Playgrounds are randomly generated, but the environments remain very poor and subject to it Snapshot. So they are similar to each other without being carbon copies at all. The challenge is different for each part, but the scenery deserves to be more saving and more colorful.

in a a step, you will not find There are no stories, but three patterns. Each of them offers One or more goals or scores to improve to compete with other players in the ranking table. The parts are configurable It is left to us to choose the difficulty, activate enemies, immortality or disable the timer, but also target targets. At the end of each session, We gain experience. This allows us Unlock abilities or items, such as a laser that targets a pistol or makes us less vulnerable to enemies.

You have to hold on to your stomach.

quest step 3for more details, Our situation No final. Here, an endless level is procedurally created. Our goal isGo as far as possible by overcoming obstacles and facing enemies On our way like snipers and minesweeper drones. It is not easy, because The level is hidden behind us As if we had a zombie army at our heels. The further we go, the harsher the environment becomes with us, forcing us to split up, run up walls, play the balancing act on the edges, and smash doors and windows. Of course, enemies are also more numerous as we progress. The keywords are: never turn around.

We have the following against the clockAnd This is about Cross as quickly as possible the limited environments divided into difficulty levels. Each clip is timed, and to get the three stars, you have to act fast. Especially in this mode the results are interesting, because it is in your plotter rating. to end, Arena It is the most fun mode. It unleashes creativity and is widely configurable. In a restricted, but randomly generated environment, our goals are join CheckpointsOr pick up things or eliminate enemies. If the first two objectives make it possible to identify a system parkour In urban areas, it is the latter that makes the work more interesting. We’ll love the modern-day stuntman, kicking shooters’ buttocks on board with our pistol or, most fun, with our bare hands. The title suggestsactivation bullet time To slow down the time for a few seconds, at which point it becomes fun. Imagine, in slow motion, performing a slide as you fire a shot at two enemies, or even dive off a perch and cross a large window in slow motion, affixing family authorization to the attackers.

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Title He clearly invites you to go back to measure yourself against others by ranking, but become repetitive in the long run. Once all three styles are well covered, expect more. Narrative, new mechanics and environments, new challenges, etc. Its PC counterpart VR, always in early accessHe seems to be taking the lead with the multiplayer story mode and the future. a step dynamic and May not be suitable for people who suffer from dizziness or allergies motion sickness. Here, there is no teleportation, the whole point of the game lies in freedom of movement. Do not shade either during jumps, turns and dives into the void, you have to hold on to your stomach.

quest step 2

And mirror edge It has now become a standard for the genre in the world of video games, a stepIn the meantime, he does not intend to take it off. The title ignores many aspects, but borrows part from the mechanics and Play From Dice. So don’t look for any root cause to defend him and don’t expect to save the princess either. Peache Lifted in her dress stuck to the top of the 87th floor of a skyscraper. studio baby Joy Way it’s more like An arcade-style simulation game Full of adrenaline as players return to unleash their power and improve their scores.

The game is available for 14.99 euros at Oculus Quest Store. If you have not yet taken this measure, you can treat yourself with a Oculus Quest 2 in home Boulanger, the FnakAnd Dart where Amazon for 349.99 euros.

the most

  • very good feelings
  • Le bullet time
  • very dynamic
  • ranking
  • Replayability
  • Configure different game modes
  • good for the heart

the least

  • no story
  • Environments are very poor and prone to texture clipping
  • too frequent
  • There are no rest options

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