Toyota confirms: solid state batteries in 2025 but in hybrids

Solid state batteries On paper, they allow electric cars to make a significant leap forward, especially in terms of autonomy and recharging. Many car manufacturers are working in this direction through their partners. Toyota, For example, it is among the manufacturers who invest in this technology. It also aims to launch the first car fitted with a Japanese brand Solid state batteries by 2025.

However, last December the manufacturer announced that this new generation of batteries would be introduced in hybrid models rather than in electric cars. Now, For CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Gill BroadToyota’s Scientific and Technology Development Manager added some details about the project in an interview with Autoline.

Brad first confirmed it Development continues according to the project map And reiterated that it was the first Toyota to have a solid state battery It will be a hybrid And not electricity. Model coming in the middle of the decade, so coming in by 2025. Unfortunately, it is not yet known what this car will look like today. But why focus on hybrids for the introduction of this technology? The reasons are fundamental Economic nature.

Currently, these new generation accumulators are more expensive and will not be priced until 2025. Therefore, an electric vehicle with solid state batteries will be much more expensive (in hybrids, the battery pack is smaller and therefore vulnerable. The overall cost is lower). Also, according to the various technology used for these new accumulators, hybrid cars Excellent test beds To check the functionality of the new technology. So, one way to collect vital data is to develop these new batteries.

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For Toyota, solid-state batteries only come when prices are down enough. This means we still have to wait to see an electric on the road with these new concentrators from the Japanese manufacturer. One can easily think that this is a closer date to 2030 than 2025. All the companies involved in the development of these new batteries will play an important role in reducing prices.

We have to wait for the news about the development of this technology of Toyota.

Veronica Tucker

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