Transactional SMS increased by + 32% in 2020

According to data collected by the French Association of Multiplayer Solutions (af2m) and the Mobile Marketing Association of France, SMS Marketing »(Promotions & Transactions) showing + 15% growth in 2020.

If promotional SMS stagnates due to the pandemic, the segment of transactional SMS, driven by notifications, payment validation or secure access, is up + 32% and now accounts for 55% of total marketing messages.

“In 2020, the growth of SMS marketing surpasses the growth of digital advertising or e-commerce. In the era of ‘mobile first’ or even ‘ Messaging first », This channel allows brands to reach all of their customers, with technology compatible with 100% of the mobile fleet. »Comments Jeremy Delero, President of Southern Europe at

Thanks to the CPaaS platform associated with more than 1000 operators in 195 countries, Brands can reliably and securely send SMS messages anywhere in the world. In addition, its solution for marketers, Mobile Marketing Cloud, offers all the features to engage customers and prospects on mobile channels and increase conversion rates.

ISO 27001 certified with 24/7/365 support, the platform It offers brands many value-added features such as two-factor authentication, one-time password (OTP), SMS verification, two-way short numbers, or even a messaging analytics solution.

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