Travel to the stars with Golden BU of the LV 1871

Augmented reality application is a combination of computer and reality simulation representations. LV 1871 has created a virtual environment in which agents and end customers can experience the benefits of Golden BU.

This interactive and digital technology creates a fast and far-reaching approach for agents that is meant to support them in customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

An innovative approach to a sensitive topic

Brokers and clients can enter the virtual mobile environment with the help of a QR code or link. There are two versions: one is specifically aimed at brokers – and the other is aimed at end customers. In addition, LV 1871 offers additional network assets to communicate with customers. This includes sales folders specifically designed for relevant target groups, for example young women, academics or schoolchildren and alumni.

Score points with young customers flexibly and transparently

Since the product update in April, Golden BU of LV 1871 has become even more attractive, especially for young people. After all, many young people are currently in the middle of training or studying. You still have your entire career ahead of you as you make plans for the future. However, very few think about the issue of occupational disability insurance. It is useful to make provisions for possible occupational disability, especially at a young age, because young people are generally healthier and fitter. This makes the premiums cheaper and the health check easier. However: Anyone who still has their entire (career) life ahead needs flexible, transparent coverage that can be adapted for life.

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Enhanced Future Warranty provides more flexibility

With a forward-looking guarantee, Golden BU ensures that disability insurance can be adapted to the life situation of young clients at any time. There is now the possibility to check the occupational classification and the upper limit of the additional insurance guarantee when changing schools or moving to a higher level of the gym – without a new risk assessment.

Learn more about LV 1871’s new Golden BU campaign Here.

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