Treasure hunts associated with the Wadeck have invaded all of France

“3, 2, 1, it’s up to you.” Eight years after it was secretly launched in the Nantes region, palodeck Now it gathers fans all over France. The company that creates connected treasure hunts claims to have produced some of them 2000 cycles And over 150,000 downloads of its free mobile app. The concept remains unchanged: discover a site step-by-step by solving puzzles armed with your smartphone. “We try to validate the tasks using a series of clues. It can be text, image, direction or sound. The compass allows you to see directly how far you are from the target.”

Once you reach your destination, the phone vibrates and displays information about the location. “It’s a good way to learn, observe your environment and ultimately discover an area,” stresses Jeremy Simon, co-founder of a company that surfs the frenzy of connected outdoor games. Pokemon Go success or Geocaching Promoted this practice, which is the practice of playing freely in public with your phone. There was clearly a beneficial effect on activity. We have exceeded 200,000 users in the past 12 months. We double every year. »

Scenarios and technology are also enriched

Palodc, which employs ten people in Nantes, finances itself by monetizing its services to clients, especially tourist offices looking for an alternative way to visit, pleasant and independent. “We are developing long-term career paths with them. We talk a lot to find the right story. We support them or give them the opportunity to create their own path. It is an animation tool intended for the general public.”

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The puzzles interact with the local heritage of the visited site. – Palodeck

But the Nantes-based company also works, on request, on specific corporate courses, such as a seminar for example, or events such as the egg hunt or Halloween. We respond to projects worth between €400 and €40,000 excluding taxes. The average community envelope is around 2,000 euros. “We are fortunate that we have had to manage so many incoming requests,” says Jeremy Simon.

Over time, the scenarios were enriched and translated into several languages. Technology has also advanced to a higher level. We added mini games, augmented realityMore advanced and personalized graphics. The experience has been improved. In the medium term, Baludik wants to “strengthen the course offering” across France and initiate “international development”. The app aims to remain free. “There is no need to create an account or enter an email. Jeremy Simon emphasizes that it is “the ease of use we appreciate.”

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