The new game is pre-production, with Unreal Engine 5 – a major improvement over

The CD project provided some updates on the work being done on the RED team, and talks about this The Witcher’s new gameOr what about launching a “new saga” for video games centered on this series, which has apparently entered Pre-preparation Has been doing Great improvement with Unreal Engine 5.

The new game, which is reported to be in development, but not yet identified The Witcher4Although this is actually the fourth episode of the main series, it has officially entered the pre-production stage, so work is underway even though it is not yet a real development in an established project.

CD Projekt RED executive Piotr Nielubowicz said in a recent video dedicated to shareholders and investors, “We are very excited to revisit the universe that has so far shaped our history.” The research phase is over In the first game of The Witcher’s new history, all costs related to the process will no longer be included in the budget document. “

In practice, the most common research phase in the use of new technologies was completed, especially Unreal Engine 5, which was the new engine used for The Witcher after abandoning the proprietary engine of CD Project RED. At this point, the team enters a very advanced stage and already sees considerable Increase in “performance” Utilizes Unreal Engine 5, which will lead to a shrinkage of development times in the face of advanced technical results.

Veronica Tucker

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