GlobalData reveals developments that will contribute to its success and democratization

In a press release recently published on their site, GlobalData analysts present a list of new solutions that will make the metaverse, the new buzzword of the technological universe, successful and will significantly contribute to its adoption. Among the potential developments made under their titles is Syntropy Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP).

since Metaverse concept Announced by M├ęta (formerly Facebook), the movement pioneers’ aspiration has always been The democratization of this social technology. The goal is clearly to be embraced by a large number of people.

Of course, the more participants, the more synchronization capabilities will have to be offered. and extension More efficient networks. In fact, with such strong demand for increasingly high internet speed, today’s data flow should not only be fast. but also continuous.

Kiran Raj, President of GlobalData, believes that latency is among the biggest obstacles to democratizing the metaverse. just develop Emerging Technologies It will reduce response time

According to Abhishek Paul Chowdhury, Principal Analyst at GlobalData, DARP, Wi-Fi 7, blockchain and the edge computing Today’s best technological advances are able to offer better throughput and lower latency.

DARP to reduce network latency

If software applications such as chips and hardware Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Presenting itself as interesting solutions, DARP is undoubtedly the most relevant. through delivery global data centersThis network protocol is capable of detecting performance issues. Then, to instantly switch to a more efficient channel.

Thus, new network protocols such as DARP will significantly reduce network latency. And this while supports metaverse and web 3.0 applications. In particular thanks to the decentralization features.

Wi-Fi 7: A potential solution to reduce latency

Wi-Fi 7 unveiled in May 2021, a futuristic solution for Reduce network latency. A very harmful problem for metaverse adoption. That’s thanks to her multi-link operation (Multi-Link Playback or MLO).

In fact, with load balancing and aggregation of multiple channels across a wide range of frequencies, a Wi-Fi 7 router can quickly switch from one channel to another. This allows for better performance and stability for networks with high interference and high density.

New applications that fuel the success of the metaverse

For GlobalData analysts, the new conference application based on SaaS (Software as a Service) from starting TYXIT can be very effective at supporting a latency of less than 30ms. Thus, this patented technology enables the transmission of sounds in real time. What makes it possible immersive experiences in metaverse.

Other cutting edge technologies can also help make their immersive experiences possible. This is especially the case Smart glasses from Vuzix. Furthermore, these glasses can now operate for longer, ensuring better computing power and improved response times. That’s thanks to the combination of Verizon’s 5G technology and Vuzix’s edge computing.

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