TV: ZDF renews the virtual studio

ZDF-Nachrichten is presented in a refurbished studio. This is supposed to Sender message formats They are close to each other visually and in terms of design. Above all, more so-called virtual callout rooms should be used.

ZDF started with a virtual studio twelve years ago. This is now being completely renovated. The new studio has an area of ​​300 square meters and therefore half the size of its predecessor. But here more emphasis should be placed on realism and compactness. “ZDF’s focus is on explaining efficiency – we want to expand this with reboots,” explains ZDF Editor-in-Chief Peter Fry. “In addition, we want to focus more on our intermediaries again.” The new studio supports broadcasters and their interaction with studio guests and connecting interview partners.

The new schedule is intended to encourage interaction with studio guests. (Photo: ZDF, Marketing)

The new default is primarily intended to be used to better represent and explain backgrounds. “Marita Slomka on Mars and Christian Sievers on the football field – explain the virtual rooms, show the dimensions and have fun too,” says Bettina Skittern, chief news editor at ZDF. “We will use these possibilities more frequently in the future.” It is important that a false fact is not falsified, but that visual support for the interpretations is given.

New equipment for the second

Among other things, a new camera robot from Great Britain is used in the studio. It operates on rails and at the same time has a rotating range. This makes it very suitable for reproducible and trip camera settings, especially at complex apertures.

In addition, new LED headlights were installed. With 70 LED panel lights that replace traditional headlights, it’s no longer warm in the studio. In addition, LED lights generate light that makes the faces of psychics look more natural.

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Studio should also be green for default overlays. A modified two-component water based polyurethane paint has been used here, which is said to be more resistant to impact and abrasion than its old studio predecessor.

The kick-off was Monday, July 19: The first program broadcast from the new studio was the “Today” version at 7 p.m.

Image and the world: LED dominates the new global TV studio

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