Twitch Boat Stream checks PS5 and Xbox Series X shares in real time

Getting Your Hands on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X This Holiday A big challenge. Consumers are not only competing with each other, they are also competing against bots and resellers who hope to profit from the new console shortage. A bot, which you can see in the twitches, may offer some help. It checks shares with various online retailers every second.

The Twitch channel Powered by Game Ritz, he used the publicly available program Street merchant – Called the “Easiest, Most Powerful Stock Check in the World” – To Track PS5 and Xbox Series X Consoles at Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, NewX, Walmart and other retailers. Watching the stream is currently the big wall of disappointment; Hundreds of updates every minute show “out of stock” everywhere.

Ritz told Balacon that some of his audience had snatched consoles by watching his stream. “I have to be honest, to help others with this,” Ritz said in a Twitter live message. “[I] I was lucky to get one from one person last night [Sam’s Club], A few people were lucky enough to get the Xbox Series X from GameStop yesterday. ”

Ritz said he had already hit a console when pre-orders came live, and could add more retailers to his watch list. Funnily enough, the Ritz is also tracking another source for the stock: Twitter user Wario64, Frequently announces followers of PS5 and Xbox Series X to a variety of retailers.

Even if you do not get a new console score for this post – which you can accidentally run yourself – there is some comfort in watching real-time feed, which reinforces how difficult it is to find one now.

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Veronica Tucker

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