Twitch explains confusing copyright oppression, urging users to delete videos

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Twitch today apologized to users for how it handled copyright repression last month, but the site still told streamers to stop using copyrighted recordings to avoid downgrade notifications. Twitch – a popular game-streaming site Acquired by Amazon In 2014, 70,970 million record registration labels forced more aggression on copyright. But users are confused about which videos infringe copyright due to the misuse of Twitch Repression, and how users can follow the rules without deleting all of their previous videos.

A Website Today, users are asking how they can stream without having to worry about getting TMCA, Twitch said. [Digital Millennium Copyright Act] Announcements from the music app. “Users should stop using recorded music if they do not own the copyright and remove old videos with copyrighted music on them.

Twitch explained:

Most importantly, if you own all the rights to the music or do not play recorded music in your stream, or you have the necessary copyright (s) permission Doing this is the best protection for your streams going forward. If you do not know if all rights belong to you, then you do not have it. If you would like to add recorded music to your stream, use a fully licensed alternative such as Soundtrack by Twitch or use other licensed music libraries such as Soundstripe, Monstergate Gold, Silhouette, Epidemic Sound and NCS.

Twitch said 99 percent of the copyright announcements received from recent recording labels were “for streamers playing in the background of their stream.” But that does not mean that sports music is completely safe to use.

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“Although we do not receive a few TMCA notifications targeting game music, if you are playing games with music recorded on them, we recommend reviewing their end user license agreements (a game at the beginning of that text wall) on how words include streaming with that music See, “Twitch said. “One way to do this is to search the game’s official EULA online and then search for words like ctrl + f (command + f) ‘stream’, ‘licensed’ and ‘music’ to point you in the right categories. If you do not know about the rights , Some games allow music to be turned off while streaming, or you can disable game audio yourself. ”

When it comes to future streams, Twitch users have to worry about their previous videos. “For your stream archives (VODs and clips), now your only options are, if you think they contain unauthorized music, they should go one by one, or for clips, we’re provided to use the tool,” Twitch wrote. “We understand that both of these options have drawbacks and we are working to provide you with even better options soon.”

Chaotic oppression

Twitch’s copyright repression occurred about three weeks ago. We Wrote at the time, Twitch surprised users by releasing numerous copyright downgrade emails, saying “not only did streamers not infringe on the content they posted, but Twitch also removed the content directly without giving users the opportunity to appeal.”

In today’s blog post, Twitch said the crackdown was due to a huge increase in copyright notices from registration labels:

Until May of this year, streamers received less than 50 TMCA announcements about Twitz each year. However, since May, representatives of the major record labels have begun sending out thousands of TMCA notifications each week, targeting the archives of the creators, often for snippets of tracks in clips that are many years old. We continue to receive large-scale announcements that we did not expect to come slowly.

CNN Announced In August, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) issued more than 1,800 copyright notices to Twitch users in June alone, with only 710 such notices since 2017.

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Mistakes were made

In the blog post, Twitch acknowledged that he had made several mistakes and promised to provide a better system for future users. Warning emails sent to users “usually do not include all the information you would like to receive in a TMCA notice,” making it difficult to make informed decisions about whether to submit a counter-notification or withdraw, Twitch said.

Twitch said it did not give users enough time to respond to notifications and that the tools it provided were not enough.

One of the mistakes we made was not creating enough tools to allow creators to manage their own VOD and clip libraries. You are rightly sorry that the only way we have provided is a mass deletion tool for clips and we have only given you three days notice to use this tool. Some time ago we may have developed more sophisticated, user-friendly tools. It is not up to us what we do not do. Creators may have been given a long time to address their VOD and clip libraries – and that too was missed. We are truly sorry for these mistakes and we will do our best.

Twitch promised to expand the use of technology to detect copyrighted audio and to give users more advanced ways to manage your archive instead of the “delete all” option, but the site did not say how long it would take.

Other future changes include “Mac”[ing] It’s easy for you to control what audio is displayed from your live streams on your recorded content. “Twitch said it makes sure to provide users with the necessary details when they receive TMCA notifications, specifically” what copyrighted work has been infringed on, who the claimant is, and how to contact the claimant. He also promised to provide better tools for filing counter-notifications if you believe you have the right to use “Twitch” content. “

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Twitch may negotiate a new license agreement with the registration labels, but a comprehensive agreement is not possible.

“We are actively talking with key registration labels about possible approaches to additional licenses relevant to the Twitch service,” Twitch wrote. “Current constructions for licenses that recording labels hold with other services (which usually reduce revenue from creators and pay for recording labels) make less sense for Twitch. Most of our creators do not record music as part of their streams, and the revenue impacts for those who create such a deal are significant.”

Twitch provided a Frequently Asked Questions In TMCA and copyright questions, it sets one up User forum for topic discussion.

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