The next game of ‘Monument Valley’ developer Ustvo ended on December 11th

Next game from Ustvo, the developer behind it Memorial Valley Its best continuation, available in exactly one month. Alpha: A wildlife record, It was Formally unveiled on July 20th, Will hit Steam and Apple’s subscription-based Apple Arcade service on December 11th. The game has been announced for the “console”, but we do not have a release date or confirmed sites yet. However, Alpha is a game about nature and we know what is possible when people come together. The group previously said it was a “deep personal story” inspired by staff “childhood summer memories in the Mediterranean.”

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Today‚Äôs announcement is no big surprise. As TouchArcade Reports, A page for the game Live on the App Store Yesterday, it was revealed that the player will be out on December 10th or 11th, depending on his time zone. Alpha: A wildlife record As follows Assemble carefully, One-time Apple Arcade exclusive Then released on steam And updated With free ebook level. It was a fantastic showcase for Apple’s service and can now be taken as a part of it Various Apple One bundles. Ustvo Games has also confirmed it It works Memorial Valley3, There is no word on when it will come out. We suspect this is still one way.

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