Ubisoft wants to use the power of the cloud to create new kind of games

Ubisoft introduces a new technology at GDC: Ubisoft Scaler. It should allow developers to create a new type of game.

Ubisoft wants to use the power of the cloud to create new kinds of games
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla // Source: Ubisoft

When not closing in on repeating episodes, copying the latest trends like NFT, or toxic management, Ubisoft can show great creativity.

With its large network of in-house studios, Ubisoft has made one of its strengths in developing new technologies within the company, such as Snowdrop game engines (to divide) and AnvilNext (Doctrine killer).

For GDC, the Game Developers Conference, Ubisoft revealed one of its new in-house projects: the Ubisoft Scaler.

Rethink game creation

Ubisoft Scaler was developed by Ubisoft Stockholm to allow Ubisoft to create more ambitious and complex games. From ” Virtual worlds that can be updated in real time and populated with huge numbers of players to create social experiences This is a matter of checking the box metaversewithout swinging the floor.

Ubisoft Scaler is an essential piece of technology that enables Ubisoft titles to harness the power of the cloud. In fact, it’s also a huge shift in mentality. Try to imagine yourself 10 years in the future and imagine what games should be, what they could be, what you might expect from games and how they were made.

This is the whole purpose of the Ubisoft Stockholm studio created by the French publisher in 2017, to break out of the classic creation constraints of high-budget video games and find new technologies.

So the idea is to do what other Ubisoft studios can no longer do: create something new and ambitious that isn’t just a iteration of the previous game.

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Use the power of the cloud

The descriptions provided by Ubisoft about the operation of Ubisoft Scaler are unfortunately a bit vague. The studio points out that technology should enable usability.” Cloud powerTo escape the technical limits of slot machines.

So are we talking about cloud gaming, where the entire game is computed on the servers to be sent to the user during the broadcast? Not right.

Game streaming is a distribution model, it improves the accessibility of games, but it doesn’t fundamentally change what games are and how good they are. However, what matters to Ubisoft Scaler is the quality and the possibilities it opens up to us game developers and gamers.

Ubisoft Scaler is not a new game engine, but a tool” So that current game engines can be accelerated by the cloud, both in terms of production and real-time experiences “.

Flight simulation example

What he apparently wants to hire Ubisoft appears to be saying is the work that Asobo Studio in France has done with Microsoft on the game flight simulator.

A game that can be played offline, but takes on its full meaning when connected to the Microsoft cloud. Then it makes it possible to further complicate the world (our blue planet is in a state offlight simulator), and make it more dynamic (air traffic and real-time weather conditions in particular).

For a publisher known above all for creating open worlds through gamesGhost Recon, Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogsorthe crewIt’s necessarily a technique that could be interesting.

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Ubisoft Stockholm is developing a new game together with Scaler to get the most out of it. Of course, it’s too early to talk about that now.

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