Victims of a cyber attack: “If you want me to give you your computer back, that’s a hundred euros!”

Roger (we have changed his first name) and his wife lives in Laura. They were victims A cyber attack on their PC a few weeks ago.

Roger recalls: “It’s something you see in American movies. Not with someone like me!”

Cyber ​​attacks, an escalating crime in Laura

“Suddenly, On our personal computer screen, a big alert message appears : Your antivirus warns you that your computer is infected. with alert. We were told that a consultant could help us with a phone number displayed on the screen. In a panic, my wife called. What is so powerful is that even warning or sensitizing them, they play on the effect of surprise and the effect of panic. It’s like a comment myself. “

“I hacked you!”

At the end of the line, a man called a counselor asks his interlocutor to perform manipulations on the computer. “Then he took control of the computer. Then he said: I hacked you! Now, if you want me to give you back the computer, that’s a hundred euros!

And the cyber attacker enumerates: “I’m cloning your hard drive, and I’ve got my hands on your whole home internet system. Anyway, when you reconnect the computer, I’ll still have my hand. So I’ll do whatever you want with it.”

“We disconnected the box from the electricity”

The family computer is connected to a network with two professional computers for the spouses, two mobile phones, a TV and even a boiler.

“Then we immediately separated the box. It happened on Saturday around 3 pm, and the next night, We spent hours upon hours changing personal passwordsOr Pro, Amazon, Uber Eats, Leclerc Drive, etc. Our children also changed their computer passwords… We also opposed our credit cards. But I rarely have any money. I have five euros left! ”

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In the end, fear is more than harm

Finally after checking, The cyber attacker didn’t copy or hack anything, but it took ten days to get everything back to normal. “It’s time to get our new credit cards. But it’s a huge opportunity for stress.”

The couple must then go to the police station to file a complaint, and they are told that a complaint must be filed in advance…on the Internet. Roger’s wife explains: “The police cannot therefore file a complaint with the police station because it is a new procedure in order to centralize ransom complaints to have more opportunities for investigation.”

Complaint to the police station

“However, we no longer have internet since the computer was blocked and the box was deactivated… We were advised to go to friends.” After extensive research, the couple realized that this prior complaint is in fact possible with an appointment scheduled at the police station during the week.

“We were very well received The policeman, very human, told us there was nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, in certain cases of people marked by the incident, it is recommended to see a psychiatrist at the police station.

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