Uckermark Recycling: Collecting Old Cell Phones for a Good Cause

Unused cell phones do not have to be in drawers. If you donate it, you can help in many ways.


“It’s hard to imagine, but experts estimate there are around 200 million abandoned cellphones sitting unused in German drawers,” says Templiner resident Sophie Schein. She is a teacher at the Waldhof Day Care Center and is one of the women who runs the Eine Welt store at Martin-Luther-Strasse 7 in Tempeln on a voluntary basis. There is a cardboard box with the “Aktion Schutzengel” label on it.

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If you like, you can hand your old mobile phone over there. “We are participating in the Missio campaign, the International Organization of the Catholic Mission, and we collect such mobile phones so that they can be recycled,” says Sophie Schein. “missio receives an amount of recycling and reuse proceeds, which we use to support project partners.” On the other hand, it also contributes to environmental protection. As rare and valuable raw materials such as gold are recycled, fewer materials have to be mined in an environmentally harmful way. Materials that cannot be recycled properly are disposed of and therefore can no longer pollute the environment.”

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Old cellphones are also being collected in the office of Carla Kniestedt, State Parliament Member (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen) on Pestalozzistraße 22. Ella Schmidt, who is doing an internship there, has now taken the box to Sophie Schein. “We will now send a total of 54 mobile phones for recycling. I am very happy with that,” Templener said. For them, participating in the campaign also means setting an example. We must be more economical and aware of what we have. Earth does not have unlimited resources .

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If you want to do this, remove all SIM cards and memory cards before handing them over. Battery, back cover and charger can also be delivered.

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