Ukrainian mine was actually collecting FUT cards, but not cryptocurrencies –

We told you about one a few days ago Mining farm Illegal closed in Ukraine. This place has become famous since it was up to 3800 PS4, Decisive extraordinary and functional hardware for mining cryptocurrencies. A few days later, Sony consoles were not used to find digital coins, but local police discovered to create equally valuable items: FIFA 21 accounts full FUT cards.

As assumed on the day this mine was invented, PS4s were not the best hardware, but they had the computational power to mine ethereal or other cryptocurrencies. The problem, in the case, is referred to Consumption The insane consumption of electricity (over $ 200 thousand on stolen bills) is accurately followed.

Except that the trials ended differently than expected: the PS4s were actually playing FIFA 21 and piling up FUD cards Boat, To resell accounts for several tens of euros on the Internet.

A function ProfitableObviously, especially at the end of the month you do not have to pay the electricity bill consumed to produce those accounts.

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Veronica Tucker

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