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Nobuo Umatsu This is one of the biggest Composers The world of video games: We firmly believe that no one else can tell. This man has worked for many years in most games in the history of Final Fantasy, and has put his signature on some of the soundtracks that mark the childhood (but also the maturity) of many fans. Not to be forgotten are his works on Chrono Inspiration, Lost Odyssey and The Last Story. He also worked recently Fantasy: However, it seems that it may be his Last complete job.

Fantasia is the new game from Apple Arcade exclusive Hironobu Sakaguchi. Umtsu has produced a complete 60-piece soundtrack for the game. However, Sakakuchi explains that it is not easy. “Before he started working in Fantasian, he had some health issues and we did not know if he was able to compose each part or work with us. He more or less recommended it. Fantasy may be the last game to make a complete soundtrack. ”

In other words, According to Sakakuchi, Umatsu will not back down, But may decide that he should not work on creating a complete soundtrack on his own. However, it can also act as a support or take care of personal changes like the final Fantasy 7 remake. It is understood that his health comes first, Of course fans will want to hear his compositions in the future. However, Sakakuchi says that Umtsu gave his all for the Fantasy, so we can enjoy his work in the new game.

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Still in Fantasy, here is the trailer and trailer for the story of the particular dementia feature that was published.

Nobu Umatzu: Is the composer of Final Fantasy finally here?

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