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Daedalic Entertainment teamed up with publisher of the collector’s edition, Super Rare Games, to Not stuffed!-Fans of a physical version of Nintendo Switch For you to view, you are limited to a total of 4000 copies. From today there is the title of Enchanting Building Co-operative Railway Not stuffed! So for the first time as a physical copy on a game console.

There are only 4,000 copies in total, which will be available from April 15 at 7 PM for around € 31.06 (excluding VAT and shipping). In addition to all the content currently in the game, the special edition also includes a color guide, game artwork, exclusive poster, and three out of a total of five trading cards. Stock is limited and only on Super Rare Games website Available. A new trailer has also been released:

About Unrailed !:

at Not stuffed! Players’ friendship is seriously tested: Four railroad workers have to work together online or in local multiplayer mode in order to safely bring the train through the procedurally generated dangerous terrain. There is also no shortage of obstacles and interference with wildlife. In order to get to the next stop safely, the game requires a lot of cooperation and communication – after all, you need enough resources for the road, the train should not overheat, and the animals also annoy the players. Without the ability to make decisions quickly and not neglect the strategic aspects, the train veers off course. This makes the company a real challenge. Regardless of whether you are playing in endless mode, in teams, or on a quick search – the goal is to build the longest road ever.

Main characteristics:

  • An intense and chaotic railroad construction experience
  • Online multiplayer and local co-op
  • Procedurally generated worlds with varying levels of difficulty
  • Dynamic weather system, day and night cycle
  • Multiple game modes: endless, fast (up to 4 players) and matchup (2 players versus 2 players)
  • Various biomes (+5)
  • Number of upgradeable wagons (10+) to tune your train in endless mode
  • Unlockable characters
  • Ein Replay system
  • Easy controls and a split control mode
  • Plump through and through

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