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There are many Nerd bathroom gadgets Which can help give this place a more pleasant atmosphere. Let’s face it: The bathroom is often the saddest room in the house, the room we tend to beautify the least. However, it is possible to give this place a personal touch as well by adding original and fun accessories here and there (or even books: there are a lot of places in the bathroom where you can put piles and piles of books). And we’re not just talking about Soap dispenser made in the shape of a Darth Vader helmet Or the unicorn that we can also find in perfumes. No, let’s talk about it Accessories It often gives our bathroom a touch of authenticity that we have been looking for.

Nerd bathroom gadgets from Game of Thrones

For some incomprehensible reason, game of Thrones Many of the bathroom gadgets are born nerdy. Not everyone knows there are toilet seats with matching bath mats dedicated to several Game of Thrones characters: Danerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, The Stark Family, Jon Snow with Specter … Shower curtain From The Iron Throne, White Walkers, or the entire series’ cast.

However, my favorite accessories remain the same Wall poster To make our toilet real game of Thrones And the Poster on Tyrion Lannister With crossbow to hang neatly in front of toilet.

Technological accessories

There are also many Technological tools To be placed in the bathroom. How can we forget, in fact, LED shower head With the function of changing color? Practically speaking, when the water is flowing, you can activate it so that the water is colored, with a disco effect. Also ideal for making children enjoy bathing more.

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Always to stay on topic, we have it too Led night light for toilet. Who wouldn’t want a toilet bowl that lights up in 8 different colors thanks to the motion sensors? It is a bit reminiscent of the warm and musical toilets that can be found in Japanese baths.

But the real gem now comes: Modern toilet paper holder With recorder and audio function. Battery operated, it is especially suitable for those who want to do some gentle tricks.

Shower Curtain With The Periodic Table Of Elements

Even before the Big Bang theory clears it up, the Shower curtain with periodic table of elements It was a staple in your bathroom. Authenticity aside, it has also provided you with something useful to read in case you forget your book, e-reader or cell phone in the other room. It was also a great opportunity to hone some chemistry concepts. You can also find it on Amazon reasonable prices.

Nerd bathroom tools: accessories

It is known that there is a need for one in the bathroom Toilet brush. And if this is for Donald Trump, then suddenly your bathroom will become a lot more colorful and cheerful. practically The mop reproduces the Donald Trump figure above, With a kit that will serve you well for flushing the toilet.

In the bathroom it can also be served Tissue holder. Why not choose one in shape Rubik’s Cube? Finally, portaaponi e portadentrifricio a forma di Totoro, With bracket to hang on walls with suction cup.

Bath toys

There are also gods Mini games To use in the bathroom to pass the time. You can, for example, attach a small one in front of the toilet Basketball hoopFitted with Slam Dunk bath mat and ball holder to place beside the toilet.

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However, if you prefer, there is also a Mini golf for swimming-Always with a mat attached. Or there is also a file Music mat, To let you create your own music even when you are in the bathroom.

Bamboo tools: gift ideas

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