USB-C: New logos to try and navigate better

Regarding the impenetrable thickets, we knew the tariffs of telephone operators and the unbeatable designations of Intel architectures. But in this genre, USB-C is not bad either. The Type-C connector hides a bunch of very different functions, which you should keep in mind before going to the cash register, otherwise you run the risk of being very disappointed.

How to find the right USB-C cable

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the organization that administers the USB standard – and largely responsible for the confusion about connectivity, gives USB 3.2 clutter – He wants to make atonement with him new logos Aiming to better inform consumers.

USB-C cable logos display their power (60W, 240 watts) as specified in the Power Delivery 3.1 specification. Logos should be on the packaging and possibly also on the cable itself. The main transformers are also entitled to a visual image attesting to the power supplied.

At the same time, the USB4 logos have been modified to standardize through the USB certification program. Energy and Flow capabilities can be combined in Banners.


What is Thunderbolt/USB 4 on Mac M1s?

Now all cable manufacturers have to do is adopt these new logos and put them on their products, which can take some time.

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