Valheim’s survival game is causing a stir on Steam to launch Early Access

We have to admit that we don’t see every day a game under construction inherits a mod 96% positive feedback Of users. Among these positive reviews and immediate commercial success, the very first game developed by Swedish studio Iron Gate and published by Coffee Stain Publishing was interesting. Take place in a world inspired by Norse mythology and procedurally created, Valhaim It is based on a co-op PvE experience that can accommodate a maximum of 10 players on dedicated servers, although the developers ideally recommend going for an adventure with a combination of 3 to 5 Vikings.

One of the main goals of this early access, which should last for at least a year, is to determine with more certainty the ideal number of players in the game, without forgetting to add biomes, enemies, bosses, weapons, recipes and other materials, knowing that the first roadmap has been published. Here To draw the main lines for 2021. “In terms of features, the game is almost 75% complete and in terms of content it is about 50% complete.We were told to summarize.

On paper, the program is popular with other titles in the genre, with an emphasis on harvesting resources for building housing and crafting gear to deal with dungeons. Once properly equipped, players can respond to the sea call on a ship they built themselves. The game claims a demanding combat system based on the dodge-and-dodge system, knowing that we risk crossing the path of primitive monsters from northern myths. After a week of early access, players praise the richness of already existing content, a sense of cooperation, a build system, a variety of animals or a skill progression system that allows you to gain experience for each action (scoring, mining, swimming, motivation, rage, running … ) And progress in each of these areas.

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Valhaim is a special experience. Building your home and camp gives a feeling of calm and tranquility, in stark contrast to this gigantic world around you, wild and full of bloodthirsty monsters. We can’t wait to hear what Valheim players think, and just how far this Early Access journey will bring the game.Albert Savstrom, CEO of Coffee Stain Publishing, commented to celebrate the game’s launch last week. The brand is far from its first success yet. Goat simulatorAnd the Deep Rock Galactic And the Illness. As for Iron Gate studio, he made his debut with this title but his team consisted of veterans who worked on titles like Magica 2 or Titan Quest.

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