Virtual stethoscope to prevent hazards in the operating room

Thanks to 3D simulations, healthcare professionals at a hospital in La Manche learn to identify and correct all the mistakes that should not be made in the operating room.

In order to offer health professionals better risk management training in the operating room, Bay Private Hospital, in Franche in La Manche, designed an original instrument. On the initiative of the project, we find Bruno Bouhourd, Director of the Hospital’s Nursing Services and Institute for Nursing Aide Training (IFAS) Michel Guilloux. This virtual reality headset was funded by European Regional Development (Feder) funds and produced by Rennes Simango. It allows the representation of the operating room in the form of 360-degree photos, pictures or videos. “We have selected about thirty points of interest, in the operating room, the recovery room, the entry and exit airlocks, and the circulation corridors. Each of them has to undergo special vigilance from different caregivers prior to having surgery, ”explains Bruno Bohrd.

Once you are immersed in this virtual reality, …

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