Video. Toulouse: Virtual Reality in an Ehpad at the Grand JT des Territoires by Cyril Viguier

Discover every week the Grand JT des Territoires by Cyril Viguier, in partnership with La Dépêche du Midi.

Le Grand JT des Territoires is broadcast on TV5 Monde and TNT local and regional TV channels. It is dedicated to current events seen by all regional media. Every weekend, Cyril Viguier offers a Zone Tour to meet the players in the news.

January 8th Edition Contents:

smoking and pregnancy :
In this magazine, you will see how in Aquitaine, there is no slippage in smoking bans for pregnant women. Report to follow from TV7.

Focus on new energy
While the role of nuclear energy is at the center of all discussions, we bring you renewable energy: biogas. The Wéo team went to Laon (Aisne) to meet with the producers instead.

Passengers are motionless
In this magazine, we’ll show you thanks to our colleagues at No depeche du midi How seniors in nursing homes can continue to travel while still comfortably seated in their chair.

back to your legs
And finally, for those who at the beginning of the year promised to resume playing a sport, at the end of this magazine 8 Mont Blanc will have you discovering one, accessible to the most resistant you will see.

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